Pointers for Ladies Who are Just Getting Started with Their Workouts


It can be quite scary and intimidating when you enter a gym for the very first time, especially if you are a woman. Due to the stigma about gyms, lack of proper knowledge and lack of self-esteem for most ladies, getting out there and working out is easier said than done.

But guess what? You don’t need to feel this way! Read on below to learn some helpful tips so you can get started with your gym journey in the most comfortable way possible.

What Should You Do at a Gym If You are a Beginner?

The gym can feel and seem like a frightening place if you haven’t entered one before. Having said this, it is a must that you prepare your mind before you go there. While most gyms try to be a safe and comfortable place for doing your workouts, there are times when it can be a bit difficult to motivate and push yourself to go inside.

Check out the following pointers so you will feel comfortable during your early days or first day at the gym:

  • Prior to heading in, tell yourself that the reason you will go to the gym is yourself and no one else.
  • You will soon realize that all the people at the gym are just as conscious of themselves just as how you feel. This is known as spotlight effect that makes you feel like other people are looking at you when the truth is they are also wandering the same thing. Focus only on yourself and soon enough, you will realize that no one is really paying attention to you.
  • All those people at the gym started at one point. You are not the only one who started as a beginner. Everyone else was also in the same spot where you are right now.
  • Create a special playlist and put on your headphones to listen to tunes that motivate you and make you feel good. It will be easier to zone out others when some music is playing and you concentrate on yourself alone.

Going to the gym is actually the most difficult part of it all. Try to schedule it and wear your best workout clothes that make you feel and look good. Once you get there, you have already done 80% of the hard work.

Exercises and Equipment Most Suitable for Female Beginners

Start slow and little by little if this is the very first time that you will be doing some forms of physical exercises or lifting some weights. One of the best recommendations for this is to use the treadmill. Start with slow walk within 10 to 15 minutes to give yourself a good introduction to cardio. It can help you feel more at ease in the gym, particularly once you see others who already feel confident with their workouts. That can be quite scary.

If you are unfamiliar with the treadmill, you can ask for help from someone. It is important to learn how to use gym equipment such as weight machines and other types of cardio equipment to ensure that you avoid injuring or hurting yourself in the process.

If cardio sounds too much for you because you lack the confidence or you find it too tiring, you can look for a quiet spot in the gym where you can perform some stretches. It will help you become more familiar with the environment and setting and feel more relaxed.

Don’t be afraid to hit the gym! These pointers will ensure that your fitness journey will be as seamless and smooth as possible!

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